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・。・ ~「 凍える夜に咲いた花 」~ ・。・

! R i K K i ☆ C H a N !

RiKKi Chan
7 March
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Nicknames:Rikki-chan, Rikki, Rebecca, becca, reb, Rebecca-tan(by carisma_sensei), etc

Pisces, Mixed breed (Maltese, English & Swedish), Imaginative, Secretive, Daydreamer, Weird Minded, Extremely anti-Social, always Changing, Bored easily & Artistic. Interested in Dark arts, Manga/Anime, Drawing, Photo editing, photography, Vampirism, Mermaids, Mythology, Asian Culture, Gothic Subculture, Piercings, Fetish & pin-up. Loves all types of Music especially Goth, Industrial, EBM, Doom/Black/Viking Metal, Jrock.

[♥]music, goth, EBM, goth subculture, doom & black & death & viking metal, Jrock, Jpop, Krock, Kpop,cpop, crock,D'espairsray, winter, Rain, Strawberries, pancakes[with lemon and sugar*yum*],Rose/No MiNWoo, The TraX, Miyavi, Alice Nine, Laruku, Haido, Lolita 23ku, Cherry Filter, Közi, Merry, Pierrot,Ayumi Hamasaki,Olivia,Mike He, Devil Beside you, Linkin Park, Black and white things, playstation, Final fantasy, Dramas, Huang YiDa.

[-]Spiders, ignorance, close-minded people, batteries dying on me when i need them T_T;; , hot weather.

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